Yes should agree to referendum

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Skaha Lake Park issue, I am reasonably certain that both the proponents and opponents of the waterslide proposal on park land feel their opinions are fair and reasonable.

As well, I am sure both want vibrant and healthy growth in our community and that no one wishes to continue so much divisiveness nor animosity.

So, with hugely important issues such as the Skaha Lake Park proposal wouldn’t it make sane sense (something that seems to be lacking at City Hall, as is the democratic process) for both sides to pursue a referendum as the most democratic way to resolve such a divisive conundrum?

The “no” waterslide on Skaha Park petitioners and letter writers are requesting a referendum. If the “yes” side also believe in the democratic process, join in the request for a referendum and together, let’s end this shameful mess.

You still get your position known. Let the City Hall know now.

Sheldon Hansen