Wouldn’t dare to try this in Calgary

Dear Editor:

With all due respect, Mr.Dan Lacroix of Calgary, if chopping up a city park so some people can make some money, why not do it in Calgary (Herald, Sept. 9)?

First of all, the waterslide idea has pretty much been shown to be a smoke screen and who in their right mind (in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, or anywhere) would destroy a public park so a mystery group can make a buck.

 Perhaps they figured a bunch of old seniors would just roll over. Quite the opposite, we will not stand for the overdevelopment of Skaha Lake. These properties belong to the citizens, not Trio, whoever the heck they are.

Secret deals, non-disclosure clauses. Someone will pay. Maybe a few someones.

My biggest worry is the park. People have told me, nothing to worry about, they have to get funding and that will take two years. How much funding do you need to whack a few trees and bring in a compressor and a jack-hammer?

When I get my health back, I will volunteer as much time as required to keep an eye on the park. I’ve worked graveyard shift before, I can do it again.

Mr. Mayor, some of us were born at night, it just wasn’t last night. Keep your greedy hands off our park, Trio Group.

Jack Goode