Worst council in their lifetimes

Dear Editor:

Two years ago my wife and I moved to Penticton and in the fall of that year we had no knowledge of the participants who were running for mayor and council so we did not vote.

But, after the election results we have been keeping a close watch on their performances. Needless to say we haven’t been happy and have become more frustrated. We are both in our late-70s so we have had our share of good and bad government in our lifetime and the present situation with this mayor and his cohorts has got to be the worst we ever experienced.

Have they not heard of the word “democratic?” Since when do civic electorates get to close the doors on voters who elected them wanting answers to the devastating decisions to take away a piece of jewelry that belong to the voters (i.e. Skaha Lake Park). It’s too bad the election time was changed from annually to every four years. At least in those days we could throw the bums out before the damage became irreversible.

P.S.: I think it should be imperative that each council member and mayor be required to read the daily newspaper so as to be informed on what the voters think. If there’s a lot of negativity then maybe they should think about making their decisions right. I’m looking forward to the next election year.

Dan Gauvreau