Will this be their legacy?

Dear Editor:

Regarding the proposed development on Penticton park land at the Skaha marina, I have a few questions as well, even living outside the city boundaries.

I wonder if council ever approached the Atrills to see if they were interested in working with a developer to upgrade the marina on the current footprint?

Did council ever issue request for proposals that identified the current marina footprint only or did they say any proposed development could include tearing up the park as well as the current marina footprint?

Did council honestly believe the citizens of Penticton would be doing a happy dance when a proposal came forward that included tearing up public park to include private business ventures?

Yes, the marina could use some updating, but keep it on the current footprint. I’d like to think there is sufficient property there to entice investors to propose something that would provide a return on investment without having to tear up public property to include a waterslide that is utilized for about 10 weeks of the year.

Council, look forward, I honestly don’t think this proposal, as it currently stands, is a legacy you would want tied to your name.

Chris Blann