Will Council return everyone’s $250?

Dear Editor:

Mr. Mayor and Council, did you know that the major project of Penticton’s Celebration 2000 committee was the creation of a Millennium Grove at Skaha Lake Park?

The grove was to consist of 100 weeping willow, London Plain and River Birch trees.

Citizens were invited to contribute the $250 sponsorship fee to cover the cost of the tree, its planting and maintenance.

In an article in the June 3, 2000 issue of The Western, the first line reads, “For $250 you can give the city a legacy that will continue to grow — a tree.”

I wonder how many of these trees will experience an early demise with the development planned for Skaha Lake Park?

There is a large marker off South Main Street at one of the entrances to the park. A brass plate is inscribed with the names of the donors to the Millennium Grove.  Plans were for the marker to house a millennium capsule.

Mr. Mayor and Council, does the redevelopment plan for the park include retention of these donated trees and the marker to recognize the donors?

Shirley Myers