Wibit better than a slide

Dear Editor:

Admittedly, I am firmly against any permanent waterslides at Skaha Lark Park and I’m a member of the Save Skaha Park Society. I’m also not in a position to vote in any referendums or municipal elections in Penticton as I live on the West Bench. I avidly read all information regarding the waterslides, in order to be informed about the subject.

There is one piece of information that has never be discussed with regards to said slides, and that is the terrific playground in the water that is called Wibit. While I thought it was less than a stellar idea when it first was first set up, I love my SS Sicamous, and anything that is anywhere near it gets a thumbs down from me. I have grown to realize what a resource to the town it is.

Environmentally friendly, as it is not a permanent structure; ecologically sound, as it is not concrete; employment friendly; and a huge tourist attraction in the town. Stroll down the walkway any time during the day, and it’s like ants on a picnic! Kids are all over it, having a wonderful time.

Given the choice of sliding down the same concrete slide a couple of times (boring) or climbing up and down, slide into the lake, climb the wall… and the parents can watch over the kids for free, and spend an excellent day on the beach.

Oh, I forgot, we’ll only be able to pay for a total of four hours of parking at a time. Even so, I know where I would be!

Best of all, it saves our most wonderful Skaha Lake Park from developers who just want to keep expanding across parkland that has been slowly and carefully bought up for all of Penticton to enjoy, in perpetuity. (Can you imagine the senior population of Penticton spending their summer sliding?)

Please, Penticton, think about it. Send letters to the editor, messages to the mayor and council, join the society. Keep our beautiful Skaha Park beautiful.

Ruth Duff

West Bench