Why/how did others fail?

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regards to the development at Skaha Lake Marina by Trio Marine Group.

A few questions for you to consider.

1. With two previously failed waterslide ventures here in Penticton, have you not a fiduciary responsibility to at least address how you have assessed the future use and viability of the newly proposed waterslides?

West Kelowna and Kamloops also have had a poor history even with a more robust population base and economy.

2. You say you will take revenue profits to reinvest in further acquisition of parkland to replace that at Skaha Lake. How will you ever find new lake front to purchase much less be able to afford it?

3. Andrew Jakubeit has been elected our mayor.  He represent the citizens of Penticton and is highly responsible for our future. Is he able to listen to us? Is he willing to hear us?

Yes, democracy was at hand following the recent demonstration at City Hall. I think the mayor did get that backwards because what happened was the many (citizens) cried out and the one (mayor) shut them down.

I am thinking mayor and council was ruffled and a little rattled at that point however I did admire that the mayor went in to the crowd  earlier.

Mayor Jakubeit, you are a businessman who is mayor. That is all.

Democracy is a form of government in which the citizens create and vote for laws by way of representatives. Authoritarianism is the people have no power or representation. Consider all the thought and planning that went in to Okanagan Lake’s development and how well that is going now. I ask the mayor to please show his Democratic side.

Agree to a referendum.

Paula Dane