why water before gavel

Dear Editor,

Before any lease was signed by the mayor, a new high pressure water line was installed during last winter at the east end of Skaha park.  This line was brought up to the point that the proposed waterslide will be built.  This underground work has been paved over.

 Did the city of Penticton install this new line for the sake of Skaha park, or was it provided in anticipation of the forthcoming approval of Trio’s proposal for a waterslide at that area of the Skaha park?

The mayor is quoted in recent local press, “It is very east to sort of take liberties from time to time,” referencing the city staff operational posture.

Why did the city incur the expense of bringing in a new water line before any lease agreement had been presented, before any public meetings had been held, before any public input had been accepted, and before any council vote had taken place?

What a pity.


Barry Salaberry