Why is it so easy to take liberties?

Dear Editor:

It appears that we have now entered the buck-passing phase in the Skaha Lake waterslide fiasco (Penticton Western News, Aug. 28).

Mayor Jakubeit says that he doesn’t remember any request from the City that the Trio Marine Group sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the plans for Skaha Lake park. He lays the blame for this at the feet of City staff.

Some of the quotes from the interview with the Mayor are as follows:

“If staff inferred or put that as one of the conditions, it really should have come from council.”

From this it can be further inferred that Council itself did not review the document prior to it being presented to Trio Marine. The question is, who does staff report to, and what are the follow-up procedures in the event of an unsatisfactory result?

To his knowledge, he doesn’t remember anything about engaging the media.

“We didn’t have a strategy about how this was going to roll out.” That now appears to be blatantly obvious.

In referring to staff, the mayor said: “It is very easy to sort of take liberties from time to time.” The question is why would the City staff take liberties, and why is it so easy?

The mayor’s statements would make one wonder about the efficiency of the operation of City Hall in spite of employing a “highly paid” (and some may consider over-paid) management team.

The mayor has conveniently had a memory loss that tends to occur when the “you know what” hits the fan. He should be able to remember though, as it occurred very recently , that even after there was obviously major opposition to the waterslide proposal, he proceeded to sign a supposedly iron-clad agreement with the Trio Marine group.

Or maybe he was living in a dream world, and did not see the hundreds of protesters at City Hall prior to his signing the agreement. Maybe he thought they were the fictitious silent majority that he claims supports the waterslides in the park.

But why were they carrying “No Slides in the Park” banners? Perhaps the mayor temporarily lost his eyesight as well as his memory.

Smoke and mirrors only go so far in evading a crisis.

Claude Bergman