Why is council so determined?

Dear Editor:

Tell me why is “giving away” the jewel of Penticton — Skaha Lake Park — so important to the top management and city council, including Mayor Andrew Jakubeit when nobody in Penticton wants this to happen?

Have you all not read the impartial and scientific Oraclepoll survey commissioned by The Herald? Did you not see that the vast majority of speakers at the Nov. 23 public meeting was strongly opposed to any form of commercialization in the park? What about the zillions of letters to the editor?

Tell me what’s at the end of the rainbow for the top city managers, mayor, council and Trio (actually a duo) Marine?

It’s preposterous. Let’s tear up all existing contracts with Trio including the marina and concessions. We do not need to give this group control of the park for another two generations (39 years).

Space limits me from going into the ridiculously low rental that Trio would pay, which by the way, they’ve yet to pay one red cent.

I also will not go into all the deadlines the Trio has missed to date. There is in real estate a “time is of the essence” rule. The Trio has missed 100 per cent of all deadlines and as far as I’m concerned the contract is null and void and not worth the the paper it’s written on!

And lastly for today does city council want to go down in history as the council that gave the baby away and saved the bath water? Some legacy they will be leaving their children and grandchildren.

Georges and Cheryl Jansen