Who is steering Penticton?

There were a lot of people at the Penticton council meeting Monday night that didn’t want to see our parks eroded/decimated from building and commercial interest, namely by a waterslide at Skaha Lake Park.

There was also lots that came out just a few months ago to a similar council meeting that proposed rezoning another area of the park.

Both meetings brought out a lot of very passionate residents from this city and our city council had a very tough vote to make in both situations. In my opinion they got it right the first time and not so right the second.

My feeling is that city council were put in a no-win situation on Monday and I also feel that the city staff are creating these situations for council and making council clean up their mess. I say this because on the first issue of rezoning Skaha Lake Park from park to residential, no one applied for this to be changed. It was a motion that was brought forward by a member of city staff, a very unusual situation.

A huge decision has been made for the direction of our city on Monday night and on the surface it was basically one city staffer that steered the whole process.

It seems to me city hall is broken and needs fixing so council can get on with its job instead of cleaning up after them.

Kevin Harvey