Which side are they on?

ear Editor:

I, for one, am wondering whose side city council is on.

Why would you put parking meters on kids’ playgrounds at Skaha Lake? This area is heavily used by the people of Penticton. People with children, seniors, people with pets, and families. This does not include all the boaters, volleyball, softball teams and other activity users in this community.

I am at Skaha Lake/Park area around 300 days of the year. This would cost me and my family $300 to $600 a year to use the facilities.

If you want to raise my property taxes, do it directly. At least it would be more honest.

If this is some other nefarious plan to move people away from using the facility so that you can justify bringing in the water slide park, you are going miff a lot more people.

My wife and I moved here from Kitimat, a little over a year ago, where people valued the parks and recreational areas they have because there are precious few. I am very sorry to see that the city of Penticton is taking this approach to raising more money.

Skaha Lake/Park areas should be left as they are, so that everyone that lives here can benefit without cost. Not everyone that lives here will be able to afford the parking rates.

I am ashamed of everyone on council voting to put in metered parking at Skaha.

Tony and Davene D’Amico