Where’s water slide viability study?

Dear Editor:

As per the letter to the Herald by Elvena Slump (Herald, Sept. 11) “City council is like a soap opera,” sorry, Elvena, I just can’t agree.

Two days short of two months waiting, I finally got answers to some questions I put to Mitch Moroziuk. I suspect the B.C. Ombudsperson’s intervention motivated that response.

Question 16: “Was there any City run investigations to verify the viability of local water slides? Public knowledge: Westbank’s waterslide failed. Salmon Arm’s water slide is looking derelict and ready to close. Noting Osoyoos waterslide is gone. Noting two other waterslides failed here, in far better economic times than these. May I see your financial viability study?”

Response: “No viability study was completed. The City has however heard over the past years that the public sees the closing of the waterslides as a loss to the community and tourism. The Trio Waterslide Proposal brings back the waterslides and contributes to the City of Penticton Vision of a Vibrant Waterfront City and to our Waterfront Strategic Priority.”

Old local businesses could apply. Slack Alice’s would bring vibrancy to the waterfront and offer patrons a great view of the lake. There are probably many people that see the destruction of Slack’s as a loss to the community and tourism.

Is hearsay and speculation the criteria for obtaining public parkland? No, it has to be a failed/bankrupt business picked up by someone with no money and then you get public waterfront/parkland. City Hall will take your word for it that you are going to make good. Don’t bother with the accountants, clean-up bonds or common sense, they’ll even pay part of your legal fees.

Call it a slapstick comedy or more accurately a tragedy but not a soap opera. When you watch a soap opera you know who is sleeping with who.

Lynn Crassweller