Where will we find another park?

Dear Editor:

Why does city council appear to have such a lack of respect for previous mayors, councillors and citizens of Penticton?

Apparently memorials are just a waste of space to this council, but probably not to the people that put time, money and effort into creating the memorials.

How much money was spent to create this 27 per cent of Skaha Lake Park, that this mayor and council are so determined to destroy for a probable temporary water slide?

One of the key things we hear about development in other cities is the requirement that the developers allocated a percentage of the land to parks, and some times schools, when required.

Can you imagine what some cities would give to have a park like Skaha on the lake? Where are the local geniuses going to find a replacement park,that will be even 50 per cent of the quality of the present park?

Many studies have indicated the value of having parks and quiet areas for the benefit of the people and their health.

Based solely on the “letters to the editor”, such as Nov. 17 by Peter Osborne and Jake Kimberley, and the many submissions by hundreds of other concerned Penticton citizens, it is unfortunate that present council doesn’t appear to have done near as much due diligence. Let’s hope a legal way of stopping a private development in our parks is found.

Lloyd Creech