What’s The Plan For Trio?

Dear Editor:

What a terrible legacy Penticton mayor and council is creating. They refuse to listen to the people. They forge ahead with their own agenda in spite of fierce opposition. They allow a commercial enterprise on a beautiful park purchased by taxpayers and they refuse to have a referendum on the issue.

What is Trio’s ultimate plan for Skaha Lake Park? No sensible company would build waterslides in a park that has no reasonable expectation of success.

I’d really like to know what is going on behind the scenes. What is the ultimate motive? The taxpayers of Penticton deserve to know.

The mayor and council don’t seem to mind spending taxpayers money on a referendum for the property on Power Street. Why not add the Skaha Park property to the same referendum? The BMX proposal on Munson Mountain should also be included.

Dorothy M. Percy
Penticton, BC