What, nobody tells us anything

Dear Editor:

City Council agreed that Penticton taxpayers’ should pay the first $10,000 of Trio’s legal fees. Apparently Trio needs the funds more than we do; we will contribute half of the legal costs after that. Taxpayers can afford it.

What! Nobody told us?

We can award Trio a lease at Skaha Marina and put parking meters in the boat trailer park. What else? Ah… double marina rates. Once tourists get over the shock of the double rate increase they’ll get used to it. Some are cheap anyway. We need better ones; ones with more money; more gullible ones.

What! Nobody told us?

Now that is taken care of: Trio has a regular income. What a relief and after the summer is over they should have enough money to expand the marina.

What! Nobody told us?

Now let’s award Trio exclusive vending rights on the water; sand and grass from the boat ramp to that first house on South Beach Drive until 2019. This should help raise funds to complete construction plans for Skaha Park. Trio can make a killing renting out space to Penticton taxpayers and tourists for the dragon boat festival; weddings; family get-togethers; parties; and anything else reasonable. Ah to heck with reasonable; they should put lots of glitzy carnival stuff in there to lure the tourists. Wow! The tourists won’t have to go to New York for Coney Island!

What! Nobody told us?

Pentictonites hardly use that park. It is full of imaginary cars and imaginary people sitting in the shade of real memorial trees eating cheapskate picnic lunches while their imaginary children play in the free Rotary Splash Park.

What! Nobody told us!

It is possible for families to go to Skaha park’s east side; park for free; have a picnic under the shade of our beautiful trees with the cooling breeze wafting in from the lake, while the kiddies set up badminton; road hockey; basketball; play on the swings; and run squealing through the splash park; as Gramps uses the exercise machines and Dad checks out the endangered turtles and it is all free.

Many families in Penticton require family outings that don’t cost money. Recreation can’t be a constant drain on their resources.

What does Council say?

What! Nobody told us!

Concentrate guys! We have lots more public land we can commercialize. We just didn’t think of it before.

What! Because nobody tells us anything!

Elvena Slump