What is with our mayor and council?

Obviously, the Skaha Lake Park plan is not acceptable to residents and a good number of non-residents.

Why is it not acceptable? It’s a really, really bad plan.

It’s not too late to make things right Mr. Mayor. Swallow your pride, admit you were wrong, and try to salvage the situation before more harm is done. Don’t let pride and arrogance blind you. It’s not all about dollars and tourists. Residents come first and they have spoken loud and clear.

For those council members upset over business boycotts: That is a byproduct of poor decision making on your part. “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” Letters of Resignation will be gracefully accepted by your employers; the residents of Penticton.

I applaud the lone council member who was not entirely happy with “the plan.” I hear there may be a mayor ‘s position opening soon.

Save Skaha Lake Park.

Bill Munro