What is reality in Penticton?

We can look up this word in any dictionary and lexicographers, in all probability will, have similar definitions except for their own interpretations.

Having said that, you may be wondering where I am going with this. I am going to role play as a quasi-lexicographer with reference to our illustrious current civic leaders.

My perception of reality with reference to current civic politics is:

R: is for realistic, reliability, responsibility, rationality — most of which have apparently avoided  the pundits at city hall.

E: is for economic efficiency, earnestness — that should be shown toward constituent taxpayers on important public issues—appear to be almost non-existent.

A: is for accountability, accessibility — without these reality is pie in the sky.

L: is for logic, lawsuit(s), lame-duck decisions and choices, lack of common sense — all of these seem to apply here.

I: is for integrity, immanence, inclusivity and insignificance — the last two made in reference to taxpayers evidently not being part of any major decision made either verbally or by  referendum. (Skaha Park as an example)

T: is for transparency, trustworthiness, truthfulness, tax efficiency — pick one that could be graded as an “A.” (Hard pressed are you?)

Y: is for Yin and Yang: supposedly a product of working together for total betterment. It just is not happening with this disingenuous council. (no park referendum).

In summary, reality, in the true sense of the word does not seem to exist at 100 Main St. What do you think?

Ron Barillaro