We need fun attractions for our kids

Dear Editor:

The closest northern waterslide-type activity centre is Kelowna, that’s not counting what we have here in the community centre and at a hotel or two.

The closet southern type would be Silverwood in Idaho. It costs to pack up and drive to either location, pay the admission, eat and drive back, clearly that adds up.

Not to mention any schools that would like to treat their students to a day at the waterslides, you are looking at a hefty budget being that everything is out of town.

Yes we have beaches, lakes and small water parks that are already free to all, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it in the fun category.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not a local company who wants to build this waterslide facility, is Walmart a local company?

Ultimately it will benefit everyone who attends and spends a day of fun there.  Who didn’t have fun at Wonderful Water World when it was around? Bottom line is we need more attraction-type activities locally here in Penticton.

It’s also going to benefit surrounding towns, in return enhancing Penticton’s reputation.

We have plenty of green space in Penticton, plenty of mountains and hills, we are good.

Carlene George