We can do better, with other ideas

Dear Editor:

It was refreshing to read the letter from Constance Sahlmark in the Aug. 22 issue of the Okanagan Saturday in which she outlined a positive vision sharply contrasting to that embodied in the Skaha Lake Lease plan.

Ms. Sahlmark  envisaged an initiative that would provide attractive employment for young individuals in a growing sector of the economy, one that pays at rates needed to support a growing family.

As well she pointed how our area had many attractions for companies starting in those sectors.

Perhaps reminiscent of the time of early growth in the wine industry when our communities  were enhanced by an influx of innovative individuals often using marginal agricultural land making wines never before produced in Canada, using  technolgies like solar for power and geothermal for temperature control, attracting customers with wine tours, bistros ,  and live entertainment, creating many permanent, full-time, family supporting jobs in the process.

We need a better vision than those like the Skaha Park Lake lease .

Denis Hearle