Waterslides a GREAT Idea

It seems the vocal minority that is against all change in the City are again on the warpath.  This time it’s about the waterslides proposed for Skaha Lake Park.   The rant seems to be because it’s removing parkland and a private business is involved to, gasp, make a profit.

First, what is a park?   Is it a gravel filled lot with swings and teeter totters?   Or is it a barren mountain top that is supporting wildlife and at risk species?   Is it an area where children play and have fun?  Or is it only a green, grassy area?   I believe a park is all of those and more.

 Having waterslides back in Penticton would be wonderful.  It will be fantastic for the kids, teenagers and wannabe young people.  And tourists.  The common argument is that because private business is involved, it should not be on parkland.

Private enterprise did have a waterslide on Yorkton and Skaha Lake Road, but the property prices made that use too expensive.  For only operating 3 or 4 months a year, a private business cannot do this in today’s market.  That option is gone and off the table.

The other option is to have the City go it alone and build their own water park on public property.  This then would be built by the people for the people and we would all pay for it and benefit from it.  Great idea and use of public money, but I suspect that the Nay Sayers and child haters would be against that too.

The best option is the one proposed.  Through a public/private partnership, the City can supply the land for a park use (Yes, playgrounds and waterslides for kids are a park use) and have a private corporation pay for it and run it.   With the City getting paid a portion of the profits, it’s a true partnership for the good of the City giving us something we want and need but otherwise could not afford.

To all the negative people in town that have been against the SOEC, park improvements on Okanagan Lake, the new walkway along Okanagan Lake and many other projects that have made the City a better place, give your heads a shake.   It’s much more difficult to DO SOMETHING positive than simply critize.   Doing something is hard and I congratulate our City on taking the initative to make the City better than simply leaving it alone and doing nothing.

Dennis Jacobsen