Waterslide won’t save local schools

I believe that you treat people with respect and expect the same back, no matter what the difference, but the comments made by the lady who thinks the “slides” will save the Penticton schools from declining enrollment borders on ridiculous (Herald, Oct. 20).

First, it has already been deemed the slides are, quite possibly, a smoke screen to get the toe in the door for a commercial development, possibly condos or a hotel. We had two massive slides on Skaha Road that were professionally run and seemed to be packed every summer.

They both folded, which was a shame because they were  utilized to the max by locals and tourists.

Now we’re being told that families will move away because there is nothing for kids to do in Penticton. Take away their tappity-tap-tap toys and they can find lots to do.

Penticton used to be a jewel of a place to live and raise a family. The Channel used to be packed every summer, we had events for all ages and I’ve never heard anyone complain about laying on a beach all day. Ski hills and toboggan hills, people came back year after year and we considered our self lucky to live here.

Now we need a couple of waterslides or people will start to move away. Makes as much sense as the city councillor who made the comment “it will give the kids a place to hang out.” Ain’t that just great, create a place for kids to “hang out.” I can’t recall any good coming from kids “hanging out’ but maybe I’m old fashion.

My biggest concern was having to travel all over Western Canada to earn a living, but felt it was a small price to pay to raise my family in a beautiful place like Penticton.

To use the excuse that schools will close if we don’t surrender one of the prettiest parks in the Valley is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve heard. If you truly believe we need a couple of slides to save Penticton from going down the tubes, build them on private land, not land that would be ideal for  condos/hotels after the slides finally go belly up.

You can only cram so many people into an area with a lake at each end of town and mountains on either side.

Please quit whacking golf courses, parks and other amenities that attracted people to our beautiful city, while it still maintains some of its charm, what’s left any-way.

 Jack Goode