Waterslide issue is environmental

Dear Editor:

There is more at stake with the Skaha Lake Park development proposal than just waterslides, control of the beach or a potential hotel. If completed, the result will be a model for developers to use in other regions to acquire control of valuable waterfront parkland.

Skaha Lake Park is minuscule in size when compared to the world’s larger environmental issues. However, the abuse of power, inadequate dissemination of information in a timely manner, haste, and lack of public input to privatize a ecologically sensitive park may be of interest to the Sierra Club and Greenpeace.

Perhaps the former mayors and councillors who oppose this project could collectively contact representatives of the Sierra Club and Greenpeace and stress the urgency that they visit Penticton.

A group walk through Skaha Lake Park would attract both print and TV media as well as the attention of our elected provincial and federal officials who have remained silent.

Yesterday, I deposited $100 into the Save Skaha Fund at First Security CU hoping that the above idea comes into fruition. Residents are donating on a regular basis and the account is steadily growing.  This is great news for Skaha Park and thanks to those who are donating to challenge a defiant Council.

A possible second consideration for use of the funds is to prepay the cost of a referendum by presenting a cashier’s cheque to the mayor and Council at a regularly scheduled meeting.  In all likelihood the cheque would be refused on the pretext of some technicality further flaming the fires of impeachment and the boycotting of their businesses.

C. Otto Knaak