Waterpark on the Penticton channel

I am writing to express my concerns about putting a commercial waterslide in Skaha Lake Park.

As I live directly above the marina I see how busy the beach and park is. August is by far the busiest month. My main concern is the eyesore view as I do not want to stare at a waterpark and listen to the noise. I am a new resident in the past year and bought in the area for the view and quiet. It seems to me that a lot of people love the beach and I wonder how many parents would take their kids to a waterslide park versa just enjoying the beach?

When we brought our children, and now grandchildren, camping here it was all about the lake. I find it hard to believe they can profit in such a short season. What happens if the waterpark does not make money and it closes? Does the city have a deposit large enough to bring the park back to the original state?

It appears the decision was made without public input. It baffles me how the city would give up beautiful public parkland without public input. I wish Trio all the best with their marina, restaurant etc. on the existing footprint, but I cannot support the location of any commercial waterpark on any public parkland

Here is a suggestion: If you feel a waterslide park would be successful, why not at the other side of the new bridge right off the channel? Please help us save our parks.

Doug Meredith