Watch your keel or propeller on Skaha Lake

Dear Editor:

Improving the marina and adding a restaurant on Skaha Lake Park, fine.

In fact the food in the restaurant as is, is great. Although I do wonder why so large a marina endeavour on little Skaha Lake?  Many years ago, we had our boat at the marina for one year and I can tell you there is hardly any place to go;  private development and shallow water and mud on east  and south shores (Okanagan Falls) and private development or rocks on the west shore.  Watch your keel or propeller!

Yes there is sand on the north shore on the other side of the channel. And it is great if you know someone on Skaha Lake and can pull up on their beach.

There is sand on the north shore on the west  side of the channel.  It seems, there  is a slight dispute between the  locatee  family  and the Band, which is not yet resolved as to ownership of that strip.

As for the waterslides, with a   reputation of failure, in our northern latitudes, I really wonder what Trio is up to?  What then, with a 29-year lease with two extensions equaling almost 40 years?   I would hope there is a provision in that lease which forbids sub-leasing or sale of the lease  to a third  party!

Future generations need parks the more people we pack into the limited space Penticton has.

Parkland has to be guarded at all cost.  And it has cost a lot of tax dollars to purchase the properties fronting Skaha’s north beach; good foresight on the part of past councils.  Water front parkland is especially precious.

Let’s hear it for Joni Mitchell again as she sings,  “That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.  They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot!”

Sorry Trio, but it is my hope you won’t be able to raise the money and this whole thing will just go away!

Donna Schellenberg