Was there a gag order on Trio?

Dear Editor:

I would personally like to thank Rob Campbell for explaining there was a non-disclosure contracted signed with the City, which would explain a lot (Western News, Aug. 28).

There are two properties in Penticton which nature provided free of charge. They are with sand, clean water and sunshine — a natural to bring in tourists as these properties have done for many years. These same properties have cost the taxpayers of this city many thousands to enlarge and enhance.

The enhancements, by not only City workers, by clubs such as Rotary, private individuals and many councils in the past.

We did have a fight a few years ago over a similar situation. It took three years before the proponent decided to pull the venture off the table. That was Okanagan Lake Park. It is obvious for the citizens to stop talking to this Council as we are wasting our time. So I wish to talk to the Trio Marine Group through this letter.

Take the waterslide issue off the table and revert back to the original property to upgrade the marina and restaurant. Show that you wish to be good corporate citizens to this City by acknowledging the concerns of the 91 per cent who voted to keep these areas open and free from private development.

1. Communicate with the concerned citizens group.

2. Show the non-disclosure document, showing you were prepared to start this development in a proper manner.

3. If there is such a document it will show that this Council wished to deceive the taxpayers.

Finally, this is not about a waterslide. This is about taking our park away from us for 30 years. For a waterslide. I don’t think so.

Peter Osborne