Was it council or staff’s direction?

Dear Editor:

We all know the mayor and council signed a lease without public approval, but who is ultimately responsible? We forget to look at the root of these leases — developments and changes to our parks.

Which “taxpayer-paid” City employees came up with all the ideas to not only lease, but overdevelop our parks and greenspace?

I met last week with a senior manager at City Hall asking questions about our parks.When asked the question of how much parkspace outside the lease will be lost to relocate the slashpad, his basic answer was none… it is greenspace, it is no longer park space when “permitted use”  applies.

To me does this means any idea they can call  “permitted use” can be used to take away our parkspace? Through this loophole can they basically build anything they want as long as they can call it “permitted use.” He also stated when asking him about public objection that he does not read the papers.

I was horrified that he chooses not to listen to the voice of the public.

Does he ignore the interests of the public to ensure he has no guilt or remorse to his actions or does he take orders and direct the vision of a select few to build the city they want, not what the public wants and against the wishes of the majority.

The City’s inadequate and lame public surveys only seem to reach those who may favour their ideas it seems. Again, ever notice they never have the “leave it the way it is” on any of their opinion surveys? Who are they building this city for —  the public and tourists or themselves?

And to dupe the mayor and council into this sell-out lease is beyond my imagination. Did they sales pressure mayor and council to sign this lease? I am beginning to realize this will  never end as long as these developer-minded employees are on the payroll. How much are we paying these guys to destroy our parks and why has the city manager not hired eco-tourism planners like the rest of the world ?

The mayor and council have blundered, but under whose direction?

Some people need a permanent vacation, and please not in our city parks.

Clifford Martin