Wants to see the before and after photos

Dear Editor:

I have been chatting on Facebook with many who support the development of Skaha Lake park for a water slide, etc. They suggested that those who oppose the development go to the Skaha Marina and look at the design of the area which is on display.

So today during my daily visit to the beach, I went to the marina. The display is in the restaurant section, yes it is open and looks like a nice place to go to eat.

From what I could see from the display, (it is a painting of the proposal) I am now more opposed to it than before I saw this display. Now I can be corrected but this is what I saw and interpreted.

The park area south west of the marina will become a parking lot. That is on Eastside Road or South Main Street.  The water park will become a parking lot for boats and marina users.  To the west of this new parking lot will be the water slides. Not sure if it takes up all of the existing parking lots, basketball court and the enclosed lacrosse or ball court? (No before or after information is provided).

Northwest of the marina will be the putting course taking away the park land that is there now.  To the west of the putting course will be a restaurant (not sure who will operate it) and next to it will be a paddling club.

Give the developers credit for at last providing some information.

It would be nice though if we could get the city to show us proper before and after profession drawings of this development. I hear they went to the Farmers Market, wow, great venue for local taxpayers to see a project like this displayed.

How about doing a before and after display showing just what will be going and what will be coming and put it up at the library and Cherry Lane Shopping Centre? The pictures put in the newspaper by the City do no justice to inform us fully on this project.

I do not mind being corrected on my interpretation of the painting at the Marina. Please City Council put out some professional drawings, blueprints of before and after.

Bob Otway