Visitor reviews of Skaha Lake Park

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, Sept. 12, Skaha Lake Park at 7 a.m. was already a beehive of activity with dragon boaters from around the province and Alberta. More than 2,000 dragon boaters converged on Skaha Lake Park and our city.

The following are a few comments from our guests.

1. This is the best venue in the province for dragon boaters.

2. Adults need a place to play. You had to be there to see them play in our park.

3. Green space is precious.

4. Skaha Lake Park is a jewel.

5. This is one of the best festivals in the province, why spoil it?

6. We love Skaha Lake Park.

7. It is always fun here.

8. This place is unbelievable.

9. This park is a huge resource for your city. You would be foolish to make changes you are proposing.

10. Think about economics. How many people spend money on hotels, restaurants, wineries, etc?

11. If you make changes to the park we will be going someplace else.

12. Don’t cut down a tree.

Isn’t it time city council listened to the voters in this city?

Isn’t it time city council listened to the guests who come because of lovely Skaha Lake Park?

Dwayne Ring