Unhappy with council

Dear Editor:

I’ve lived and sold in the City of Penticton for 34 years. The first beach I went to was Skaha Beach and I have lived in the area since. Penticton is indeed a place to stay forever!

I never thought after all these years I would be writing this kind of letter. Shame on you Mayor Jakubeit and council. Some who I know have lived in Penticton even longer than me.

I sit here with approximately 50 pieces of “negative” articles regarding the disregard for the environment of Skaha Lake. I also have photos of seniors, semi-retired, teens, children, grandchildren, pets, runners, swimmers and folks from all walks of life appreciating what Skaha Lake Park has to offer. This is not Disneyland, it’s free and open access to a beautiful park.

It’s so sad when we human beings take for granted the environmental, conservational and the beauty elements of our surroundings.

Something is wrong with this Skaha Lake picture Mayor Jakubeit and council — too much is happening too soon!

I see it coming, paid parking and paid access to the beach.

I ask council to take note of the following:

1. Review your platform prior to the election, 79 per cent of the public now says do not commercialize Skaha Lake Park.

2. Mayor Jakubeit, you failed in your bid to be re-elected as vice-chair of the Regional District of the Okanagan Similkameen board in a vote of your peers.

3. Why did the mayor and council not share with the public in detail the plans prior to signing a legal contract with Trio about Skaha Lake Park?

4. Mr. Mayor, where is the transparency you promised in your electoral platform? Council where is your loyalty to the public that elected you?

5. A 29-year lease contract on public land in which the public had no part in the decision… not even a side vote of confidence was called.

6. No background has been given on the Trio company. Prior mayors called for a tendering process which included blueprints, specifications, insurance, financial security, and bonds!

In closing, debts have been incurred from this project and it’s the public that pays.

Yet the public is given partial information.

The public has lost trust in this council. They are clearly not doing their best for the citizens of Penticton and protecting parkland for future generations.

Don Stayko