Two recall petitions

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC-DC) was the final comment of a lady at the Council meeting wherein city council revisited their decision on Skaha Beach Park and decided to go ahead as planned. No adequate notification to the public was given so they could speak to this agenda issue.

Only 15 people attended.

I have set up two recall petitions for the residents of Penticton: Pentictonites have a right to expect adequate public consultation before any major changes are made in our city.

Petition #1: Refers to the lack of adequate public consultation of the present mayor and Council to the needs of the majority of the citizens of Penticton.

The right to vote is protected by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is one of our country’s most cherished institutions.

Petition #2: Refers to the unreasonable lack of polling stations during the 2014 civic election which unduly caused many voters to be disenfranchised.

Last week I met with the ‘Skaha Beach Petition Group’ that is against commercial development in our parks. I requested their assistance in presenting Penticton Council recall petition options to the residents of Penticton. They are busy so declined at this time. They have close to 2,000 signatures and my petitions need to catch up. I think the people of Penticton should have this option and the decision rests with you.

These petitions are addressed to the Premier of British Columbia and the Legislature and request that the Province oversee a new civic election.

If you presently reside in Penticton are/were 18 years or older as of November 2014; and you resided in Penticton; were a Canadian citizen and a resident of British Columbia for at least six months before November 2014; you were eligible to vote in the last civic election as a resident elector and you are eligible to sign these petitions.

I suggest non-resident private property owners should refer to the Elections Act before signing the petitions.

These recall petitions are now available and waiting for your signature. I will have these petitions available at a table at the Community Market on Saturday Aug. 1. Location: East side of 200 block of Main, between Starbucks and Blendz. If sufficient interest is expressed in these petitions I will set up future locations and dates.

I encourage all eligible residents to sign these petitions. Make your vote count.

Elvena Slump