Trouble on election day

Dear Editor:

Mayor Jakubeit of Jakubeitville, sorry, Penticton, gives the impression he doesn’t give a rat’s backside if he gets a second term or not. He has made his call and it all appears to be part of a grand plan, put together behind closed doors. Never mind many of us were disenfranchised in the election because we couldn’t stand in line for an hour to vote, can anyone produce an ad or quote from our leader, during the election campaign, on his ridiculous plans for our park?

I would hate to speculate on his reason, so draw your own conclusions, but too many Canadians sacrificed their lives for this democracy to allow this man to run roughshod over the people.

Don’t forget it was a voting machine that put him in power.

After what happened in Florida with the hanging chads you would think people would sacrifice the need for instant gratification for the old fashion way, a ballot marked with an X. Throw in a few scrutineers and you have an honest election. As it stands, you don’t know where your vote went, if you got to vote.

The last city council rejected the suggestion to use the voting machines, but then hold a manual recount the following morning which all scrutineers could attend. The machines were 100 per cent accurate, we were told. When Sony, the Pentagon, and North Korea can be hacked, how tough would this thing be? Pure speculation but these voting  machines have to go.

There were some great points made at last week’s City Hall rally and a few catcalls by people that want to be heard but not seen. If you have something to offer, take the microphone and talk to the crowd.

Go to the Trio Marine Group  website and see how your park will look, three months a year. That’s why putting it on Penticton Indian Band land is a great idea, except, the band isn’t that stupid. Do you really think they want that eyesore sitting there nine months a year? Possibly they could find a spot where it would work but for sure they would  involve their people in the issue.

Jack Goode