Trio’s dream is public nightmare

Dear Editor:

Having spent at least four hours on Nov. 23 listening, agreeing and disagreeing to clever questions and remarks directed to the Penticton City Council and the Trio Marine Group, it was not until I drove home when I thought of questions and remarks I could have asked.

Yes Trio “had” a dream (and no they do not always come true) but for most of us these past two years have been more like a horrendous nightmare.

Rather sad that it took those merry council men who are supposed to listen and take their citizens wishes to heart not more than two years to realize and now admit that the way this whole debacle was handled, was maybe not quite the best way.

A bunch of very slow learners!

Yes what a low-life person who put barb wire across the little bridge but just as sad, horrible, unforgivable it would have been the cutting down of the many dedicated trees in Skaha Park to be replaced by a plastic monstrosity surrounded by concrete and wire fencing, to be used during a few summer months by a happy few who can afford the entry fee.

Well the waterpark is off the books. Did Trio really think they could make money? No wonder they wanted a 29-year-plus contract.

But now what about the proposed restaurant? Is it going to be a 16-metre-high, Trump-like mini-tower with condos on the top floor or is that another unclear, vague , we do not know yet plan?

My suggestion is to set up the existing building so that it can be used as a venue for parties and weddings and self catered.

The wedding ceremony can be held in the bandstand, the wedding photos taken in our lovely park and the party held in the marina building. What a setting for a special day. But not owned or operated by Trio.

For the last three months the restaurant building has been closed and locked up and will stay that way until at least next year around April or May. Now that is a good example of “under-utilized” as the mayor likes to label Skaha Park.

Apparently Trio has not paid the 2016 rent yet! Gee I wish I could do that with my property taxes.

Now we’re about to finally find out if this rather dense city council is at long last listening to the citizens who voted for them and pay their wages.

Elaine Vonck