Trio Marine Group responds to concerns about Skaha park

55a8587eadf60.imageOpen letter to the citizens of Penticton:

Following the approval of the exciting development of the Skaha Lake Marina by Penticton’s City Council, Trio Marine Group continues to welcome open discussion with stakeholders, neighbours to the marina, and concerned citizens of Penticton.

Our mission is to revitalize the Skaha Lake side of Penticton with exciting, affordable opportunities for people of all ages. We want to share our vision with our neighbours and assure the public that we are listening to and taking their concerns into consideration. We look forward to being a part of the vibrant waterfront at Penticton’s south end.

Members of the public have expressed concern about certain aspects of the development, and the development’s website has been updated to include a section of questions and answers, as Trio wishes to have an open dialogue about the marina and its goals. Visit to find out more.

In particular, Trio would like to clarify that the existing children’s free waterpark, referred to as the Splashpad, will not be lost but rather will be relocated to another location.

The new location is to be determined by Penticton City Council at the cost of Trio Marine. The Splashpad will continue to remain free for the public’s use and enjoyment.

The boat launch and beach will remain accessible to the public at no cost.

We want to express that our project is about providing the people of Penticton and the guests of the city with an avenue to have fun and enjoy themselves. The existing greenspace will be integrated into the design of the waterpark and preserved wherever possible. Furthermore, a portion of all profits brought in by the waterpark will go into funding greenspace in other areas of Penticton.

We look forward to serving the Penticton public and encourage anyone with questions to contact us for more information.

For more information, please visit, like us on Facebook at or email [email protected].


Trio Marine Group