Trio jacked moorage fees

Dear Editor:

My experience with Trio Group goes back to February 2015 when my renewal for boat moorage was due at Skaha Marina. Annual fee went from $550 under the previous leasee to $1,050 with Trio this season. (I checked Okanagan Lake Marina… $770).

When I asked why the big jump when nothing was upgraded on the docks I was told, “we need the money for upgrades.” I suggested they would get better support if they increased fees in stages as  upgrades progressed. (Are they under capitalized?)

Trio later invited moorage holders to a free BBQ open house at the marina. I went down to check out the docks and found the duck/goose poop was worse than last season.

I have been dissatisfied with the present leasee.

Is this the type of company we want to run our marina and lease our park land? Not in my opinion!

I am against leasing out park land, whether at Skaha Park or the Convention Centre regardless of my moorage problems and think that this is too important an issue for this council to decide on alone. Referendum is the only solution here….  maybe Trio Group should pay for this referendum!?

I was at the recent rally and saw 1,000-plus passionate citizens. One hundred per cent wanted a waterslide but 85 per cent were against leasing out public park land. Public park land should not be leased out to any group that cannot dismantle the infrastructure at season end and leave it as it was!

Our mayor showed up at this rally but chose to address the TV camera when, in my opinion should have addressed the electorate,  instead we got a scolding later in the newspaper.

We are informed citizens and deserve to be treated as such!

Doug Maxwell