Toys for Tots founder comments on waterslides

Dear Editor:

To all the Penticton low-income parents and families.

Twenty-one years ago, the Penticton Inn, myself and staff created the Toys for Tots and Teens at the Penticton Inn, now the Charles Manor, a senior residence. The idea was to assist low-income families, at least over 1,000, to provide them with toys they can afford and bring a little sunshine in there life for Christmas.

I am forever grateful to the Penticton Lakeside Resort and David Prystay for continuing  this worthwhile tradition. Thank you David.

The point I like to make is, that those very same people won’t be able to buy a ticket for the slide, as it would be probably  the equivalent for their meal for the day. How to you tell a child, when they watch the privileged ones having fun, that for them it is not available?

In the past this families enjoyed  at no cost days in Skaha Lake Park playing , swimming or a low cost picnic brought from home. I am sure some parents would rather go to bed hungry before denying their child this fun. That would also mean, that most of them will avoid Skaha Lake Park in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no other place in our lovely city that could come close to it. Should for some mysterious and alien reason, the waterslide be a go-ahead, I hope our elected powers are enlightened, not to let the construction of the waterslide get started until the existing Rotary Splash Pad is relocated and in working condition.

From what I read and understand from this municipal disaster, most people have no problem with the restaurant and extended marina, however the waterslide has to be at another location.

Therefore, I like to ask all the low-income, as well as all others to take note and react in accordance, when it comes up in the next election.

Jack Swoboda