Tourist says leave the park

On a recent visit to Penticton my wife and I spent some time enjoying the beautiful setting and the friendly ambience of Skaha Lake Park.

We were dismayed to read of the possibility that a proposal for commercial development is under consideration near the marina within the park.

Since we now live in Pemberton, I rely on the details provided in the Penticton Western News and our opinions are derived from a strong set of family roots in the Skaha Lake area and frequent visitations as a tourist. We agree whole heartily with the comments opposing the proposed development. Our swims and evening walks in the park were wonderful and we applaud the planning that has led to the quality of park standard that you have today.

We believe that the present level of recreational amenities fit well within the semi-natural setting and further development would harm the quality of the park ambience.

Skaha Lake Park is a gem of an oasis. We hope it will remain so.

Hugh and Jan Naylor