Too much of this was done secretly

Dear Editor:

I read “Mayor’s Minute” in Thursday’s Penticton Herald with interest. I was one of the people who was admitted into the council meeting room after Monday’s protest rally. I clearly recall one woman from the audience (the mayor reluctantly allowed one person to pose one question) asking when was council going to discuss the Skaha waterslide issue again.

Mayor Jakubeit told her he didn’t know. How then is it possible that within less than 24 hours later, you managed to talk to every councillor and as a group unanimously agreed to push ahead with the waterslide? Was this an impromptu discussion around the water cooler? This is exactly what has people’s backs up. There’s been no transparency, no due diligence but certainly a great deal of secrecy in how this whole fiasco has been handled since the beginning. How can it be that the first time we even heard about a waterslide in Skaha Park was mid-May and yet by July 21 it’s a fait accompli?

In case you haven’t noticed, Mr. Mayor, you have a problem. This is a city divided yet you seem to think that if you just ignore it long enough, it will go away.

It won’t.

I laughed to read that you consider this Council “an instrument of change” and “bold.” You are kidding yourself. What you are, is “out of a job in three years.”

Lisa Martin