Tired of all the naysayers

Editors Note:

.  Correction on petition information  – so far 8,310 people have signed the petition demanding a referendum on the lease, of which 5,135 are Penticton residents



Chapter 1. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Okanagan Lake is beautiful, picturesque and updated. Skaha Lake Park looks dull, dreary and unkempt. New washrooms and concession are needed.

Some people don’t want to see waterslides on their green space. I don’t like to watch dogs peeing and pooping on my green space.

The naysayers have been here forever. Apparently, they feel this green space belongs to them and only them. If they had had their way, we would have no Cherry Lane Shopping Centre, no Peachtree Mall, no Lakeside Resort, no South Okanagan Events Centre to name a few.

Back in the day, city council gave up their quest to have the original main campus of Okanagan College located here due to the naysayers’ protests. If previous councils had not gone ahead with development, we would be stuck in the 1950s or 1960s. Much of our land would still be orchards. Most of the current naysayers would not even be here due to lack of amenities.

The latest population count I found is 32,877 (from 2011). The ‘no’ petition has 6,000 signatures. That is only 18.25 per cent of the population, however, to be truly accurate, the names of non-residents have to be removed from the petition as they do not count in the population.

Skaha Lake Park has an area of 107,888 square metres that is zoned park land and not covered in asphalt, paths and playgrounds etc. The green space designated for waterslides is 12,292 square metres with the possibility of using 2,227 more square metres depending on riparian areas. This is only 11 – 13 per cent of Skaha Lake Park’s green space. You still have 87 – 89 per cent to take a walk, walk your dog or have a picnic.

There is plenty of room for everyone. With all the areas within or near the city, do you really need this 11 – 13 per cent of Skaha Lake Park to walk your dog? Can you not share the space with our children and grandchildren so they can have some fun on waterslides?

Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

Maureen Wood

Penticton (born and raised)