Time to stand up

If in fact a gag order was signed by Mr. Campbell (as he has stated) for the agreement between the city and Trio Marine Group over Skaha Lake Park, I have two words for him and the city, produce it. Someone is lying.

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit said there was no such agreement and his council has said not a word about it. Not a word from any of them, or has a gag order been placed on them as well?

If this agreement ever shows up, whoever agreed to it or signed it by the city, they should be fired now, period. This council and mayor were elected by the people for the people, not for their own ratification.

It should also be noted that city employees are working for and being paid by the taxpayers of Penticton, not developers. City parks have been paid for by these same citizens and their concerns should be taken into account before any agreement is considered. Would they appreciate basically selling off their parkland that they had paid for?

Stand up and show your pride for the community.

Vic Powell