Time to speak up in support of waterslides

I don’t know of another city where even one person would brag about a lakeside park where more than 200 feet of waterfront is separated from the water by a 150 foot wide parking lot.

The Okanagan Lake parks are a showpiece and I understand why the city has refrained from improving Skaha with all the protests they had to endure at the north end.

I’m aware that this portion of Skaha Park has extensive usage. In the 15 minutes I was there last Tuesday looking for these 300 trees, I saw two women walking their dogs and fertilizing the grass. They had so much respect for the park that they left the turds in the grass to fertilize it.

I’m also amazed that hundreds of people would rally to prevent a private company from spending millions to upgrade the area, correcting this disaster in exchange for the ability to rent a portion of it for a tourist attraction … and pay the city for this privilege.

The one thing that really stuns and flabbergasts me is the silent majority — many of whom have thanked me for writing letters — just sitting back quietly letting the mayor and council think they have made a mistake.

Dumbfounded citizen

“Doc” Holloway