Time to rezone city’s golf club

Dear Editor:

I was returning into Penticton the other day after visiting beautiful little Summerland when I spotted an incredibly underutilized immense parcel of land.

There is enough room for a couple of ball diamonds, a luxury hotel, an indoor/outdoor waterslide that could be used all year round, and a BMX track. Planned correctly there would even be enough room for a lovely green space and more residential development.

Where is this jewel you may ask?

 Penticton Golf and Country Club is the most underutilized piece of property in town. Even if the membership was to double, the actual hours of enjoyment per acre, per person wouldn’t come close to the pleasure derived by every demographic at the Skaha lake spash pad and park free!

Golf is an elitist recreation, customarily enjoyed by people with enough money to be able to afford a car and a drive to the west Bench or Skaha areas. If our city can afford to “lease” this property to those very few, then perhaps the rest of rest of the population deserves a piece of the pie.

Tim Lyons