Time to go before courts

Dear Editor:

I think it is fair to say people joined Save Skaha Park Society for a number of reasons, perhaps because of the secretive, undemocratic and under-handed way our city council handled the whole Skaha Lake Park waterslide process or to protect Skaha Lake Park from commercialization or to void, by referendum, the contract Trio has with the City. Finally people put down money to finance a lawsuit.

The waterslide/lease is a legal agreement between Trio and the City of Penticton and cannot be resolved by the Parks Planning Committee. That committee can only make recommendations which can be manipulated, shelved and ignored.

City council and senior staff have considerable resources, experience and proven strategies to use while talking to SSPS.

City councillors and senior staff, personally, have a lot to lose, so I fear a repeat of the disrespect shown to many of the city workers (i.e. firefighters and the citizens in general.)

Power, money and politics, do you think fair play will enter into this?

Adverse publicity is a great political motivator, the public rallies, the emails and letters to various government offices and the newspapers certainly make an impact. But, isn’t it time to resolve this issue in court?

Lynn Crassweller