Tidal wave of opposition

Dear Editor:

Regarding council’s plan for Skaha Park: there is a petition of more than 3,000 names of citizens (plus about 1,000 additional names of non-residents) calling for a referendum; as well, there has been a tidal wave of letters opposed to the plan.

And yet, mayor and council just proceed with their agenda as if those who are concerned and opposed are merely a fringe group of negative, under-informed naysayers  who can just be dismissed out of hand.

To the mayor, council and that small minority of writers in favour of the plans it should be noted with the most serious consideration that a very high percentage of those who have expressed opposition are in fact informed, respected, contributing members of this community and leaders in their own field and are just genuinely concerned with the well-being of this city.

These concerns and frustrations should not be so summarily dismissed as is happening now, that is alarming. By the way, why is it that we hear only from the mayor? Where are the voices of the other people that were elected to serve us.

Brenden Montgomery