This is NOT a retirement community!

I been reading with interest the brew-ha-ha about the Trio Group and their changes to Skaha Park.  What is bothering me just as much or maybe more, is that the “Retired folk” want to leave this town the way it is. They do not want more industry, more jobs, more vacationers.  Just quiet, old Penticton.  In order for businesses to grow, and houses to sell – we need people.  We need people to buy houses, raise their children, use our schools, eventually work here and contribute to the community.

We need people to shop in our stores, tell their friends what a beautiful piece of paradise this is, and invite them for a visit.  This is the place to stay forever.  People wonder why we never go anywhere for a summer holiday – Why?  we have it all here.  The peaches and beaches, the river channel, the fabulous restaurants, the beautiful sunsets; we’ve got it all.  In order for Penticton to grow and prosper, we need businesses to set up shop here.  We need the young families, and they need the parks to take their children to, and I need the parks to take my grand-children to.  Yes I am a “senior”, but a young one!  I don’t agree with council giving away parkland that we have paid millions for – yes I am one of the citizens that have donated to our parkland through property tax.

Chief Krueger is trying to do something positive in Penticton, why not build the waterslides on band land; is it because the City wants the lease income rather than giving it to a third party? ( The Indian Band) give them a 99 year lease and its all done for.  I voted for all but one person who now sits on council, and I will remember who I voted for and who I will not vote for next time; as should all that are opposed. I do not think there should be a referendum; we can’t spend 30,000 every time we disagree with council.

They know what the public want, and they are blatently turning a blind eye to what should be easy to see.  Do not give away park land! Period…

M. Ferrier