This is basic economics

Dear Editor:

We are against putting water slides at Skaha Lake Park. We don’t have objections to a water slide business at another more appropriate location.

We object to using our park for this purpose. We think there should have been a referendum so that the citizens could have a say in the matter, but our mayor and council have rushed this through before opposition could be properly organized.

It is interesting that the Barb Hoolaeff letter (Herald, Aug. 7) stated the previous watersides did not go broke but went out of business because the owner sold the land at a high price.

However, this is just another way of stating the water slide business was not economic at the price of land at that time. It is certainly the case that it would now be uneconomic for a business to buy or lease land at the current market prices for something that would only be active for two to three months of the year (depending upon weather.)

It is only economical for Trio because they would be getting the lease at below market rates. Since there is considerable concern that Trio’s waterslides might go out of business, we think that they should be required to post a bond that would restore the park to its current state including the mature trees that will be cut down.

Similarly, if the waterslide business fails, the citizens should have a say (a referendum since we can’t seem to trust our mayor or council) on any transfer of the lease.

Bill Webb and Jackie Inskip