This Group of Seven uses invisible ink when drawing up proposals

Dear Editor:

The original Canadian Group of Seven painted nature scenes on canvas for future generations to appreciate.

Here in Penticton, we have our Group of Seven hell-bent on destruction of nature in our non-replaceable natural amenity areas, parks and beaches.

Under no circumstances do we want the visions of the current Group of Seven painted on canvas on a day in the future that will be materially different than the picture of the park if it was painted today.

The Group of Seven have inked the “confidential settlement agreement” with ink that is not visible to the eyes of the Citizens of Penticton.

My gut tells me that the current Group of Seven have inked the final agreement with Trio in an amount that will send Trio down the road. Our current Group of Seven do not want to accept responsibility for the payout to Trio that has been predetermined on an agreement prepared in visible ink.

The Group of Seven want to place the responsibility for the payout on the backs of the residents, the Group of Seven are only interested in attempting to save their political asses at the council table after the next election.

The parties fighting to save Skaha Lake Park need to force the Group of Seven into the finalization of all agreements prior to the next municipal election. All agreements prepared by the Group of Seven will need be ratified by referendum ballots on Oct. 22, 2018. The various groups fighting to save our parks need to come together for the benefit of all and determine the referendum questions to be placed before the voters.

If we can’t reach an amicable agreement with the Group of Seven, we need to engage an artist to paint a landscape scene with the Group of Seven walking into oblivion after the next election. The painting could be hung in the council chambers for all future elected officials to contemplate the ramifications of angering the public.

Ted Wiltse