This Council is like a bad marriage

As in a marriage, this community and the city council have said “I do, I will.” But this “marriage” is in deep trouble.

Every good relationship requires caring for one another, listening to one another, open communication and compromise. That has not been happening.

The one “partner” the council, has wants and wishes that the other partner is not willing or ready for.

But, feeling it has more power and rights, this partner does not listen to the objections and cries of the other. Just forces itself on the other. And how can that ever work well in a relationship?

The suffering community-partner would say it has begged to be heard, thousands of times in petitions, public rallies and letters to the editor. But the Council seemingly neither hears or reads or even cares to respond.

So, these “partners” are in a miserable relationship with each other. For a while longer. If they don’t kill each other first, there will soon be an ugly divorce-unless, by some miracle, there is a change of heart and actions.

Hannah Hyland