Think about area families

Dear Editor:

My husband and our three children spend our summers vacationing in Penticton and more recently have been looking at a move to this growing, vibrant city.  We have talked to many young families about how this move would impact us. The consistent messages from these families are that Penticton is a wonderful city to raise kids, and offers good schools and a great community.

However, they have two main concerns which are that there are no jobs for our youth so once they get older they have to leave to find work, and also that the  city is stuck in the past and economic development is at a standstill.  I have asked the opinion of many young families in Penticton about how they feel about  the idea of a water park, with their knowledge of where the location been  designated, and the comments 100 per cent of the time have been “it is about time!”

Families want somewhere to take their kids to have fun, grandparents want their grandkids to come visit and what better place to go for a family outing? I  don’t think there are any kids or families in Penticton that would say “No,  please don’t put a water park in our city.” For this reason I would tend to  think that those opposed to this plan are likely those that would never use it. We hope that their voices are not speaking for the masses of those that would.

The proposed site is a prime location for the success of the project which will benefit the city, the local businesses and the  economic development of the community.  It will develop the image of Penticton as a fun, family-friendly destination that locals should want people to remember, ensuring tourists come back year after year.

Therefore, as a young family who will be the face of Penticton  for many years to come, Trio Marine group and the City Council of Penticton, you have our support!

Jennifer Girard

North Vancouver