These residents truly frustrated

Dear Editor:

We have a solution to the “Troika”  and our city council that wants  to develop our park lands.

There is quite of bit of empty land at Winnipeg and Westminster.  Why not put up your waterslide and marina” there?

 Oh what did you say? There is no water. Oh well, there is room for the waterslide. One out of two ain’t bad. Oh, what did you say? You’d have to pay for the land? Aw really.

Let’s face it in the past the waterslide did not work out. So a good excuse to say after two to three years.  Damn! We miscalculated, we guess we’ll have to change our business focus, tear down our waterslide.

Oh, let’s say put up a casino and themarina will be in place. Wow, another business opportunity for our freebie 30 year lease.

You might not have guessed,  but we wrote this tongue in cheek.

We’d like the contract to be made public.  We mean the original one, not the “fudged” one. And see what can, and cannot be done with the 25 per cent of  Skaha Park lands that the city’s mayor and town council “sold” (30 years is a generation-and-a-half, might as well be a sale) for free.

Georges and Cheryl Jansen